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Exploring the Women Powered Brands™ database is accessible only to qualified buyers, wholesalers, importers, bar managers and supplier diversity procurement managers to easily identify gender diverse brands in the beverage alcohol industry.

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“We’ve had supplier diversity initiatives in place for quite a while, but they were pretty much focused on suppliers reaching out to Costco to be part of that program. Whereas Women Powered Brands is such a great resource for our buyers to be proactive in looking out to the supplier base. This is going to put a lot more power in the hands of the buyers. It is such a great tool.” – Chad Sokol, VP/General Merchandise Manager, Wine/Liquor, Costco Wholesale

“I’m really excited about this platform because I think it opens up many doors for us, not just the access to the information and innovation, but the access to be able to do programming around it whether it’s through online pick-up and delivery, ecommerce, or in-store retail activation.” – Katie Smith, Former Merchandising Director – Wine, Walmart

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